Services for April 2019

April 7 - We will review a recorded interview from 1951 with Unitarian minister Rev. Charles Francis Potter. Rev. Potter shares thoughts regarding the corruption he sees in government and public life and what he sees as causes contributing to this. Our discussion will explore applications of Rev. Potter's views in our current political and social environment.

April 14 - Tammy Shull of IowaWINS will be here to present a video entitled “The Genesis of Exodus”. This video explores the root causes of the migrant exodus from Central American nations. From the film website: “We produced a film – The Genesis of Exodus – to tell the whole story, which begins in the streets, homes, and businesses of those families: children, women, and men who love their country, but can no longer survive in their community.” We invite all to come, see the movie, and discuss how we here in SE Iowa can help these refugees.

April 21 - Our program this morning will center around a sermon by Rev. Dr. Andy Burnette of the Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Chandler, AZ. “Resurrection and Transformation: On Being a Born Again Unitarian-Universalist” explores the role of renewal and new life in our religious journey.

April 28 - Kathy Bowman from the UU Congregation of the Quad Cities joins us this morning for a service entitled, “What It Means to be a People of Wholeness.” Through various lenses we will contemplate what it means to be both an individual and a people of wholeness, and the gifts derived: attention, listening, and calmness. Music, poetry, and readings will help us focus our celebration.