April Services

April 1st Service, 10:30 AM
"Sacred Community" - Rick Johnson
What does the term "sacred community" mean in an increasingly secular and virtual society? Can there truly be a sacred community for people who do not necessarily hold to a common definition of the word "sacred?" Even then, with the convenience and ease of creation that virtual communities provide, have congregations such as ours reached the end of our shelf-life? Or do we have something to offer today's interconnected generation? Richard Johnson will lead this morning's service as we investigate the relevance of real-life, non-virtual congregations. Children's Religious Education will be provided.

April 8th Service, 10:30 AM
"Pledge Sunday" - Rick Johnson

April 15th Service, 10:30 AM

April 22nd Service, 10:30 AM

April 29th Service, 10:30 AM