February Services

February 4th Service, 10:30 AM
Our program this morning will focus on the issue of online or cyber-bullying and its consequences. We will watch a video of a TED talk on the issue of public shaming, and then discuss how this issue plays out in society today. Children's RE will be provided. Come join us!

February 11th Service, 10:30 AM - CANCELLED
This service has been rescheduled for March 18th
How do I know my beliefs are true?" - Tyler Owen
In an age of dubious claims and damaging propaganda it is more important than ever to search for truth. And that must necessarily start with our own closely held beliefs. We must all inspect our own beliefs and discard the ones we don't have good reasons for believing. Tyler Owen will share his journey of leaving behind his Christian faith and how his search for truth led him to Humanism and inspired him to create the website BibleInspectors.com.

February 18th Service, 10:30 AM
"After #MeToo, What Next?" - Rick Johnson
This morning's program will ask the question "After #MeToo, What Next?"  As the disgusting acts of powerful and privileged men continue to be revealed by their victims, it is time to begin looking beyond the headline grabbing moments to the future.  What needs to happen to truly begin changing the culture that not only made the acts possible but continues to protect the men behind the actions?  What can we do now to help insure that future generations do not have to rely on hashtag moments to bring inappropriate behavior to light?  Rick Johnson will lead this program and discussion, and children's religious education will be provided.  Come join us!

February 25th Service, 10:30 AM