Services for January 2019

January 6 - We will open the new year with a discussion featuring words from The Rev. Dr. Carl Gregg at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick, MD. His message entitled “Thrive: Choosing Well Being In the New Year” will be followed by discussion and our coffee hour.

January 13 - Rick Johnson will lead our service this morning entitled “About That New Year’s Resolution”. Are resolutions really so difficult to keep? Or are there other reasons for our failure. Children’s religious education will be provided during the service.

January 20 - Karla Mundt will lead our program this morning, in which a woman of Limited Knowledge will attempt to Share some Wisdom from the book, "The Tao of Pooh", followed by Lively Conversation, tea and honey cakes. There will be singing and some humming as needed.

January 27 - This morning we will explore the gentle art of Tai Chi. Kathy Wolfskill will lead our program this morning exploring Tai Chi’s origins and purpose. She will demonstrate the forms and offer an opportunity for people to try this meditative art for themselves.