May Services

May 1st Service, 10:30 AM
"The First of May, The First of May, just what is it about this day?" - Rick Johnson
Beltaine is a holiday in several Pagan traditions that is filled with symbolism regarding fertility and new life. Rick Johnson will lead our service this morning will examine this ancient holiday and its modern expression as we look forward to the beginning of life's great cycle. Children's Religious Education will be provided.

May 8th Service, 10:30 AM
"Parents" - Rick Johnson
Today we will celebrate both the fathers and mothers who have contributed to our lives. For many these figures may be their biological parents, but for some of us other people may have stepped in and filled the role of father or mother for us. Today we will take time to remember all of them and their influence on our lives. Rick Johnson will lead this intergenerational service, and children will be welcome to stay throughout the morning.

May 15th Service, 10:30 AM (Followed by Business Meeting)
"The Business of Our Mission" - Rick Johnson
The words of Rev. Hosea Ballou will give us guidance in our service this morning as we prepare for our annual business meeting. The business of the church must be attended so the church may be about the business of its mission in the community. Rick Johnson will lead an abbreviated service which will be immediately followed by our business meeting. Children's Religious Education will be provided for both the service and meeting.

May 22nd Service, 10:30 AM
"Flower Communion Celebration"
We close our church year with our flower communion celebration this Sunday. Please bring a plant or flowers to share on the altar as we celebrate our year together and prepare to part on our ways for the summer. Children will be welcome to participate in this joyous celebration of life and beauty.

May 29th Service, 10:30 AM
"Discussion Group"
We will gather for adult discussion on this final Sunday of May. Come join us for an informal time of coffee and contemplation as we explore the issues of the day, both large and small. Childcare will be provided.