February Services

February 7th Service, 10:30 AM (Rescheduled from January 17th)
"Lee-Jackson-King Day: A Study in Contrasting Histories" - Rick Johnson
Several Southern states originally combined the federal observance of Martin Luther King's birthday with celebrations of Confederate "heroes" such as Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. What does such a combination say about our past and our future with regards to race relations? Rick Johnson leads this morning's service, and religious education will be provided for children.

February 14th Service, 10:30 AM
"Will Our Democracy Survive Our Election?" - Rick Johnson
It seems that no sooner do we finish one election cycle another one is upon us. Our politicians seem more intent on campaigning than governance. As UUs we support the use of the democratic process in our congregations, community and nation. But have we reached a point where our democracy is being killed by our electoral process?  Religious education will be provided for children.  We will also welcome several new members into the Fellowship today!

February 21st Service, 10:30 AM
"A Ride Around Historic North Hill." - Russ Fry
Take a ride around Burlington, Iowa's historic North Hill and see what it looks like now and what it looked like in years gone by. Written and directed by Russ Fry. Music by Jerry Parks. This is the extended version that discusses the reasons why the documentary was made and includes a 1907 film clip of Vancouver, BC.  Religious education will be provided for children.

February 28th Service, 10:30 AM
"Abandoning Logical Fallacies, Part 2" - Tyler Owen
A continuation of our "free and responsible search for truth and meaning" through the examination of Logical Fallacies. We will take a look at more common blockades that get in the way of logical reasoning. Join the discussion and share any fallacies you have encountered.