November Services

November 6th Service, 10:30 AM
"What happens after Tuesday?" - Rick Johnson
No matter who wins, there is a rift in our nation that will be difficult to ignore in the coming months and years. What can a liberal religious community do to help promote healing this rift? Our service this morning will look at the road ahead and how we can help smooth it. Rick Johnson will lead this service, and children's RE will be available.

November 13th Service, 10:30 AM
"The Drug War and Corporate Prison System" - Sandy Krell-Andre
Sandy Krell-Andre will be our speaker this morning. She will highlight the ongoing problems with the drug war and the corporate prison system. Children's RE will be provided.

November 20th Service, 10:30 AM
"Inviting Both the Buddha and Jesus to Your Thanksgiving Dinner" - Kathy Bowman
We will have a dramatic conversation between the presenter, Kathy Bowman, and Richard Johnson regarding a fictional rendition of last year's family Thanksgiving dinner when I invited both Buddha and Jesus to join my extended family in celebration of the holiday. The conversation with be both light hearted and serious: thought provoking about what we each bring to the table to share and celebrate. The service will be supported by poetry, music, and the old familiar Thanksgiving hymns. Children are invited to join us for this service.

November 27th Service, 10:30 AM
"Open Discussion"
Today's program will be an open discussion.  Bring an article or book that has touched you in some way or that has provoked some new thinking for you and share it with those assembled.  Join us for coffee and discussion today.