November Services

November 1 - "Preserving Our Sense of Awe" - Rick Johnson
In this age of high tech toys and ever increasing entertainment options, have we lost our sense of awe?  We read of experiences, typically religious in nature, that can carry a person beyond the material concerns of our world and give us a sense of overwhelming wonder.  It is here that our soul often finds much needed nourishment.  How can we preserve this necessary element in our lives?

November 8 -  "The War on Christmas: A Study In Victimization" - Rick Johnson
Christmas is under attack according to some very loud, very forceful voices in our society.  What is really at play here?  Is it really an effort to remove the words "Merry Christmas" from the public square?  Or is it instead a concerted effort to preserve cultural dominance by a group that is slowly losing influence in our culture.

Please remember that our Second Sunday Cinema will screen Jackie Chan's movie "Shanghai Noon" on Sunday, November 8 starting at 6:00 PM.

November 15 - Karla Mundt will lead this morning's intergenerational program entitled "Little Life Lessons".  There will be singing, sharing and snacks for all ages.  Come and enjoy a celebration of the little moments in life that mean so much.

November 22 - Kathy Bowman from the UU Congregation of the Quad Cities, will lead today's service entitled "On Care For Our Common Home, Laudato Si".  Pope Francis's Encyclical, On Care For Our Common Home, will be celebrated in the spirit of Thanksgiving with music, poetry, readings from the encyclical, and a brief reflection.  The conjunction of Unitarian Universalist principles and the teachings of the encyclical will be highlighted.  We will also ponder what actions might flow from both our UU heritage and this call to action, at the global level and at the local level.  Gratitude for all that is our lives is embedded in the encyclical and in our UU heritage.

November 29 - "Advent: Anticipating a Blessing" - Rick Johnson
On this first Sunday of the Advent season we will take a look at this ancient Christian tradition of anticipating the blessing of Christ's birth.