Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Burlington, Iowa

Upcoming AUTUMN Services
Come enjoy!

October Services:
OCTOBER 5: Our Fourth Principle: A Stumbling Block or a Step to Enlightenment?
Our Fourth Principle focuses on the "free and responsible" search for truth and meaning. Many of us embrace the "free search," but what about the "responsible search?" Is it really anything goes as some have suggested, or should there be boundaries to such searching? RE will be available for the children.  Rick Johnson

OCTOBER 12: Baha'i Faith
Shannon Beck will be visiting us to lead a program on the Baha'i Faith. She will share about the beginnings of the religion, what some of it's main tenets are, and how it is organized and operates.

OCTOBER 19: Mission Statement
Many people cringe at the mere mention of the words "Mission Statement." Many churches can point to numerous such statements as they collect dust in the file cabinets. But it doesn't have to be that way. Our guest minister will speak on how his congregation has chosen to use their mission statement as the centerpiece of their ministry in Iowa City, and how it gives guidance in things large and small within their religious community. Rev. Steven Protzman

OCTOBER 26: Zen Buddhism
Rev. Dainei Appelbaum will lead our program this morning. Rev. Appelbaum is priest of the Iowa City Zen Center. She will speak on the history of Buddhism, the work of the Iowa City Zen Center, and her own journey in Zen Buddhism, which includes a trip to China and an upcoming extended stay in Japan. 

Council Meeting: 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7 PM unless announced otherwise.

The Bond of Union
of the Unitarian Universalists 

First: Complete mental freedom, rather than bondage to creeds or confessions

Second: The unrestricted use of reason, rather than reliance upon external authority or past tradition

Third: Generous tolerance of differing religious views and usages, rather than insistence upon uniformity in doctrine or usage

President, Jane Edwards center with coffee
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