Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Burlington, Iowa

Upcoming AUTUMN Services
Come enjoy!

November Services:
NOVEMBER 2: Freedom of Religion
This service will focus on freedom of religion. With much of the public dialogue on religious freedom today being driven by social and religious conservatives, many issues regarding other faiths are being drowned out. Humanists and Pagans have much in common regarding this issue, as battles over opening prayers and tax exemptions have demonstrated. Perhaps it is time for these diverse groups to come together and address their common interests? Children's religious education will be provided during the service. Rick Johnson


NOVEMBER 16: Random Acts of Kindness
Today our congregation will begin a celebration of the holiday season by emphasizing the gift of generosity. Our program this morning will encourage the congregation to engage in random acts of generosity during the coming weeks. Later we will gather again and share what we have done and, more importantly, how it has changed us. Children are welcome to participate in this celebration. Rick Johnson

NOVEMBER 23: Gratitude
Kathy Bowman of the Quad Cities Unitarian-Universalist Congregation will lead our service this morning as we celebrate the Thanksgiving season. Children's religious education will be provided during the service.


Council Meeting: 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7 PM unless announced otherwise.

The Bond of Union
of the Unitarian Universalists 

First: Complete mental freedom, rather than bondage to creeds or confessions

Second: The unrestricted use of reason, rather than reliance upon external authority or past tradition

Third: Generous tolerance of differing religious views and usages, rather than insistence upon uniformity in doctrine or usage

President, Jane Edwards center with coffee
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